javAPRS and Live TNC data

APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) is a ham radio protocol for transmitting position information, designed by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, who wrote the DOS program. Mac and Windows versions were written by Mark (KB2ICI) and Keith (WU2Z) Sproul. javAPRS was written by Steve Dimse (K4HG ex KO4HD) to extend the concept to the internet. In development is a server designed to accept data from many users, and consolidate and redistribute that data. Thanks to the TNC server Dale Heatherington, WA4DSY, wrote for OS/2, javAPRS can now connect to his TNC, and show the live data coming off the Atlanta APRS LAN. javAPRS can be used to display live data, as is done here, static data, or both. Further examples of live and historic data are available from WB4APR's web page, and K4HG's javAPRS page. Many of the features of javAPRS are set by parameters passed to the applet when it is called. There is a comprehensive authoring guide detailing all the parameters in progress. Also, although some of the info is already out of date, check out the paper I presented at the 1996 ARRL/TAPR Digital communication Conference.

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javAPRS Commands (Case Insensitive)
zooms up (wider view)
zooms down (narrower view)
lists stations heard to the Java console
lists only weather station reports to the Java console
lists beacons to the Java console
lists ID reports to the Java console
lists last 25 messages to the Java console
centers map on clicked location
zooms in on clicked location
Arrow keys
scrolls map

Clicking on a station shows its information in the status bar

Detail DeLorme map of Atlanta area

APRSdos map of Greater Atlanta area

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