Sunday, June 25 2000, 12:55 PM

 Speeding Honda Civic destroys wrought iron and brick fence!

In the photo above and below  we see where the Honda Civic came to rest after leaving King road at the location of the police car behind the fireman.  The 20 year old driver appeared to have only minor injuries.  The driver says the car flipped over once before landing on my fence.   He was lucky that all the gas that leaked out didn't catch fire  because  he destroyed the fire hydrant as he left the road!  Fortunately he has insurance.

This Bradford Pear tree offered little resistance to the  flying Honda.  The brick column didn't do any better.

Here is a close-up of the Hondas' rear end.  Karma?

Use your scroll bar to pan across the scene.  See if you can determine why the driver suddenly took a 45 degree right turn 6 feet this side of my brick mail box (where the police car is parked).  We have no idea.  There were no other cars involved.  The driver claims he ran off the road then over-corrected.