Please check out the new version 3 that also does bandpass and bandstop filters plus frequency plots here!

Design an L-C Low pass or High pass Filter (V 1.1 May 18, 2008)

3 db cutoff frequency
I/O Impedance in ohms

This web based application allows the user to design simple radio frequency filters with inductors and capacitors. These filters are most effective between 50 kHz and 500 MHz. Below 50 kHz active filters are usually more cost effective and above 500 MHz strip lines are generally used.

The user selects the basic type (Lowpass or Highpass), number of poles, 3 DB cut off frequency and the I/O impedance. The application generates the parts values for three response shapes: Butterworth, Bessel and 0.1 DB ripple Chebyshev. Two different configurations with schematics are also generated.