Dales Homemade Ringtones

If you have a new cell phone with a polymorphic ringer and don't like the musical ringtones your carrier provides here are some alternatives. I created them with programs written in Perl. They are all midi files and have been tested on a Sony-Ericsson T-610 phone. They also play on most computers that support General Midi sound. If your phone has a WAP browser you can download them directly from the URL at the bottom. Some midi ringtones can be converted to other formats here. Unfortunatly the Q-Bird does not convert well because it uses midi pitch-blend for frequency sweeping which is not supported in other formats.

[ Q-Bird ] If this doesn't get your attention U R dead*

[ Electronic Ringer ] Simulated Uniden T3 cordless phone

[ EuroCop ] European Police Siren

[ Our Man Flint ] Phone sound from the movie**

A WAP version of this page for mobile phones is available at this url:

*The Q-Bird sound was used on CB radio in the 1960s to both alert and annoy people.

**I obtained the "Our Man Flint" free ringtone from the Internet and modified it.

Perl programs I wrote to create ringtones.