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2017 DragonCon Robot Battles report

Robot Battles 64 highlights


Pushy Grabber, a giant 30# version of Huggy Bear.


Huggy Bear Mini Sumo Bot - a totally new design

Robot Battles 2016 report




T-Boner 2.0


New beetle bot: Noodles ( updated with battle damage photos  9-8-16 )



12# bot T-Boner



New robot!  Electric Whirligig

Added new calculator for bar spinner weapons.  Compute the Ke and tip speed of your spinning bar weapon.

Death by twinkies ant weight combat bot (updated May 21, 2015)


How to make Ooma Telo and Apple Airport get along


Dead Air, a 16 oz combat bot


Added  video of a new bot weapon to slow motion page.  


iRoll - A  Segway-like human transport thing that balances on a bowling ball


Ball Balancer A radio control balancing robot.


Added a 10GHZ microwave beacon tracker to the Polymax 9000 robot.  Video, photos and text here.




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