Hayes Photo Album

circa 1978-79

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Co-founder, venture capital provider and circuit designer Dale Heatherington
with IMSAI computer and 300 baud "80-103A" modem.

Click here for a 2003 AJC newspaper article about Dale and Dennis.

Dennis Hayes
Co-founder and president Dennis C. Hayes

Glenn Sirkis, sales, marketing & finance

Dennis Hayes, Glenn Sirkis and programmer Don Hyde

Assembling Micromodem II circuit boards
Glenn Sirkis, Dave Lankshear, Dennis Hayes

Assembling 80-103A modem circuit boards
Doris Ussery, Dave Lankshear and Wade Turner

Click here to view the first flyer advertising the 300 baud 80-103A modem.

Click for page 1 and page 2 schematics of the Micromodem 100 for Altair and IMSAI and here for the Microcoupler schematic.

Melita Easters
Melita Easters
Dennis' first wife to be

Holly Elmendorf
Dennis' girl friend when company started